Upstream and Midstream management consulting for the Gas and Oil Industry in the Netherlands


Brief resume
My name is Godard Hazeu, I am an independent consultant and I have extensive experience in Development and Production in the Gas and Oil industry, specifically in the Netherlands.
My last full-time job, as technical director for the Dutch State Oil and Gas Company, EBN, gave me a very broad experience in the ‘Dutch Gas-and-Oil scene’. After I retired from EBN in 2001, I worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Economic affairs (MEA) and various Dutch Oil Companies. During my work in the Netherlands, I had to cooperate closely with all Companies, which participated in Upstream concessions in the Netherlands, with Gasunie (GU) and the Ministry of Economic affairs.
Before my job with EBN, I worked ten years for Shell (Shell Gabon, Shell Brunei and NAM) and seven years for Statoil and Norske Hydro in Norway.

Possible tasks
- Advising Companies, or investment groups, which are interested to participate in Dutch licences for Exploration and Production of Gas and Oil.
- Representing Foreign Oil and Gas Companies in the Netherlands, for example in Technical- and Operating Committee Meetings.
- Advising Oil and Gas Companies on Midstream matters, like Underground storage.

Reviews or studies for third parties on o.a.:

  • Subsurface definition and planning
  • Exploration and development definition and planning
  • Acquisition of oil and gas reserves
  • Issues of arbitration and unitizations
  • Issues of third party tariffs (o.a. processing and transport)
  • Risks and upward potential of capacity generation
  • Permit issues